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Journeys take on many forms within Druid work, not least of all the spiritual Dreamquesting or Journeyquesting that takes place in deep meditation in very similar ways to the the Old Shamanic practises.

I have in the past taught many area's of Dreamquesting, Shamanic Journeyquesting, and hope to include some of my work here in the Grove. You may find my project on Dream Questing of use in your training and work, and can find it here!

Probably one of the Greatest and Life transforming Journeys I ever undertook was my transit from Iona to my now home in Cornwall, it was my Journey through the trees, the final Journey of my Ovate training.

On its completion I found it so life transforming I decided to write it as a full program of meditations on the 22 sacred trees of the Ogham.. anyone wishing to undertake this self improvement program can contact me by email .