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Druid work includes two aspects which can be looked at, firstly, the eight Pagan festivals which mark the progression of the cycle. These ritual celebrations create the conditions for a transrational appreciation of the laws and relationships manifesting at these times. Because our need for ritual and the 'Mythic sense' is almost totally neglected in modern times, this way of working can be particularly effective in 'opening the self' to such an appreciation. Ritual is, indeed, three dimensional poetry, or the poetic and Archetypal realm brought into the world of action and motion.

"But men must know that in this theatre of man's life, it is reserved only for God and Angels to be lookers on"
Francis Bacon, The advancement of learning. 1605.

As the above quote states nothing can be gained by viewing or looking on, Man must work at opening the self and the Druid way is through ritual.

By looking at the 'Eightfold cycle', or the eight festivals which make up the Pagan calendar, we find an uncanny resemblance to the more modern 'Christianized' festivals which so obviously have their roots firmly planted in Pagan traditions.