Ever since I was a small child I have loved to draw, paint and create. I loved the magic of the world and her beauty and colour. To explore this further I began my art education in my homelands of West Yorkshire and continued it in Ealing, London. Many years passed and I got distracted into the manic worlds of advertising, travelling the world, music and television. ...Until one day I awoke. I felt a deep calling within, to leave London, my home of 15 years, and to return to my creativity, to my true self and to Cornwall.

I was magnetised and overwhelmed by Cornwall's raw and natural beauty, Celtic magic and wild yet soothing, healing, blue ocean. I felt myself being drawn deep into Cornwall and deep within myself. Who am I, and what is my purpose and reason for being? Where did I come from, and is the spiritual path I tread my true path?

Yes, yes, yes! Dance with the cosmos, go with the flow of life, and truth, be myself and express myself creatively at every opportunity was my answer. My purpose is to be me, fully, happily and truly. To have peace in my soul and love and joy in my heart, and shine this divine light to all that cross my path. To be mindful of mother earth and all whoinhabit her so that we may all dance in love and harmony together and know the Oneness we truly are.

It is this joy, and love, and divine love and beauty that surrounds us I paint, my soul's journey - to share with you.


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